Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Intro to my work

I became active in human rights and advocating anarchism + eradication of poverty + full employment as a way to a peaceful world since 1989 while I was a student in Nigeria, studying Banking and Finance at The Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri..

Reading wide and research into what rocks the bottom of my heart from childhood - eradication of poverty and the propagation of intelligence - brought me to writing my ideas.
The first thing I wrote after graduation in 1991 was a play titled 'The Hostages of Life', later various poems, another play, 'The Glory Of Their Times' and 'Parvenu' + 'Coup d'Etat' + Sustainable Development Vs. Arrested Development etc.

I also founded The Nigerian Environment Network in 1990, a working partner of the defunct Centre for Our Common Future, Geneva, Switzerland, which is now known as Environment and Development Network, a NGO working on environment, sustainable development, human rights, women's rights, travelling, migratory and workers rights and rights to housing medicine and education.

I founded and edit a newspaper and news review called the Free World Review - an outlook of my various engagements (as well as the work ofother authors, journalists and individuals) in the free and oppressed world on the defunct geocities.com/updowncentre to propagate this cause while working as a freelance journalist in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999. I described the publication which I launched at the Maison des Associations, Geneva, Switzerland as 'an analysis of our freedom and bodage in fiction and reality'. The newspaper always advertised free development of websites for individual and community projects, for people and organizations whocannot afford it.

I've been very active in anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-discrimination initiatives with SOS Racisme, Switzerland; Workers Party, Nigeria, US and Switzerland; Ozgurluk ve DayaniƟma Partisi - Freedom and Solidarity party Istanbul; Turkish Communist Workers Party in exile in Switzerland, Kurdish Movement, International Federation of Human Rights, Paris; United for Intercultural Action, Amsterdam and African Movement, Holland. I've been in 25 countries for work as a freelance writer and journalist (the only work I've ever done apart from working in a bank for a few months) and for physical and literary demonstrations

I've written texts on 'The History of Stealing', 'The Redefinition of Everything', 'Schizophrenia Simplex' relates to the malaise of riches in governments and poverty of the people, even the Obama administration is now guilty 9 months is a long time; 'The Anarchist Machine' and presently working on 'The Third Kind', 'Jagabajantis' which literally means 'nonesense' in Yoruba as I relate it to the mess that Nigeria has become and will be for a very long time and 'The Corresponding Theory' that people tend to identify with what's around them, so we should scrap religion, the military, police and big business so people don't identify with this while applying 'benefitism' which I call the 'providing everything from free social infrastructures till we all die'.

Others are Full Employment and Lasting Peace, Utopia, Dystopia, The Grandfather of Nonesense, A lady: The Prime Minister of Paradise and The Creation of Paradise…

I'm working on a new website on wix.com/freeworldreview... and lightstalkers.org/olarotimi-onayemi as well as Africans Without Borders and World Without Borders registered in Geneva, Switzerland and has an online society on facebook.com.
Contact: 'Timi Onayemi, freeworldreview yahoo.com

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