Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Goddess of Super Freaks (ongoing)

By ‘Timi Onayemi

We’re sailing to a land that is wild and free
Yesterday is gone
Baby desole,
Baby desole.
- Mark Knopfler

Something approximated to an introduction
The Goddess of Super Freaks traces the life of Bose and Ronkee, mother and daughter; and their friends Tanri, Sango, Nikki, Jan, Mama T and Klein through their dreams, aspirations and use of drugs to heal their pains or just for fun.

It details the effect of the long use of cannabis, lamb’s bread, ecstacy, crystal meth, amphetamines, LSDs, MDMAs, mushrooms, heroine, cocaine, crack and the hallucinations accompanying their use.

The novels show that not all drug users crash as friends and people in the medical profession and charity organizations could help out.

It include sequences: review of psychiatric treatments, therapy, legalization (laws applying to passive drug users) and addicts.

Research have shown that the illegalization of drugs induce its widespread use especially among adolescents in places where there’s easy access to it, and adults in communities where it’s harder to get.

Whatever the intention of the illegalization of drugs was meant to achieve; it has not been a success: it’s use is growing by the seasons and there’s more violence attributed to alcohol users than crack addicts.

‘The Goddess of Super Freaks’ is about a lady, Ronkee, in the future Nigeria 3045AD who uses drugs like crystal meth, LSD, MDMA and cannabis’ white bread. She goes through extreme raves and waves of halluciinations which are certainly schizophrenic but her job as a rocket scientist and her hobby – wikipedia maverick makes her feel she’s just ‘feeling differently’ until her friends found out and help her while the neuropsychiatrist could not. It shows the inadequacy of popular psychoanalysis. It’s a critique of the psychoanalysis currently used. She’s becomes a writer and she writes: I write out her works which are a bang: Like ‘God keeps coming… tell him I’m gone’ and ‘What we do now is beter than what angels are doing if they exist’ and ‘Someone tell full-employment we’re ready!’. She quotes Wilhelm Reich who wrote: Give the ill all they need.

Wednesday, 9 May, 3045
Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria

“God left a bad taste in my mouth today. I can’t stop him, he’s used to it now…”

“Mum,” Ronkee cut in. “When are you going to cut down on this stuff, it’s killing, that what they say.”

“The only authority on such things is Tim Leary. I believe in him more than in detractors. He’s a doctor, remember?

It’s the drugs and Timothy Leary is the doctor who prescribed Lysergic Acid Diethylemide (LSDs) for everybody.

“I’m leaving Mum, Tanri’s coming over for diner tonite.”

“OK. Please put these books in my bedroom. Got to clear this table up a little.” Bose’s going to sniff heroine and really want to clear the table. A clean woman despite how everything turned out on her glass table and stained-glass lifestyle.

Ronkee took one look at the books. Three of them.


“What the hell!” Bose jumped out of the sofa. “You scared me”


“I used recorded CDs to ask questions, record utterances and wake up too. What’s the problem?

“I’m outta here”

Somewhere in antiquity

Once there were people and they wanted to know the plants.
There was no way to stop interest in research
And it grew and grew
Until it blew out of proportion.

There’s no community which did not find it’s high
In marijuana, mushrooms or potpourris of junkie dolls.

Junkie doll
I’m stuck on you
My junkie doll

A little bit of this will get you up
A little bit of that will get you down

Jukie doll
I’m stuck on you
My junkie doll
- Mark Knopfler

The liquids and the non-stupefying smokables
Have been legalized
But what happens to the others
Sniffables and lickables?

I have the impresssion that banned susbstances
Always thrive in the black market
And the price hit the skies
Increasing everyday!

Who can stop opium and melancholy?
Who can stop other Hoffmanns and Herrers?
Who can stop The Chemical Sciences?
If that’s not the aim,
Why the control
Since there has been no success from it’s enforcement?!

Sometime in the 1960s
Dam Square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Have you seen or listened to Jimi Hendrix lately?” Jan asked Mama T, taking a long drag on a joint of haschish laced with heroine.
“He’s the best guitarist the world will ever know and I’m proud he’s got so much of that stuff from Africa. The humour and the political affiliation. I love that guy!”
“Who doesn’t?”
“Ha! That asshole who own his record company’s still holding him to ransom and it’s killing him.”
“Yes, commercialization kills when you’ve got no government to bail you out with legal or financial aid. I better be going, it’s midnight already.”
“Waiting for someone?”
Mama T did not give any sign. She did not hear the question asked at the same time that the heroine got to her heart. The whole world must have stopped or went to blazes. It’s the same feeling, according to Prosper Merimée, the French 19th century writer,
Jan knew she had to be left alone and amazingly he wasn’t afraid that she may never make it back to life as we know it

Mama T and Jan used to date.

Their relationship is now based on the beautiful law of friendship. More people believe ‘guinea pigs’ from the opposite sex have to fuck themselves to achieve that kind of intimacy.

I believe they just have to know what’s down there before both can be objective about what’s up there.

They are both founding members of:
THE LEGALIZATION OF POT PROJECT, one of thousands of pressure groups around the world, from Africa and The Americas to Asia and Europe.

Here in Central Amsterdam or Amadama as I call it, history’s about to be made: The Netherlands will be the first country in the modern era, whatever that means to you, to legalize some stupefiants, hallucinogenes and drugs.

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