Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scizophrenia Simplex

By 'Timi Onayemi

We are me.
We are going to where we shall never be afraid anymore.
The thin line between the natural with the 'supernatural':
Societal Simplex.

The system is crazy
It is rich and the people are poor.
An eternal distinction in this form is:
Schizophrenia Simplex.

Going mad and getting better
To help others get better.
He looks at the World like a pack of cards.He plays games with it.He can heal the madness of Mankind, Taking Womankind to greater lengths unknown now
- ‘Timi Onayemi, 2001

(Comparison pg governments to mad people as their policies keep plunging us into disaster. Comparison of sexual education and preferences to freedom at an early age. Comparison of a world of equal rights and justice giving out corresponding equal rights and justice. Q. E. D.)

PrefaceThis story is a detailed overview of our past, present and our future. My belief is that authorities and the people live parallel lives. The ‘authority’ which is now known as the ‘government’, ‘intergovernmental’; ‘international agency or system’ like the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU) and the equivalents of the last two in the Americas and Asia, are schizophrenic because the people suffer and die ‘dumb deaths’ daily from preventable medical ailments, political miscarriages and social malaise. The authorities today exhibit traits of Schizophrenia Simplex – a state of schizophrenia where ‘return to normality’ is impossible; by extension Societal Simplex is a situation in which we attain equality and justice, where a ‘return to inequality and injustice’ is impossible.

For the purpose of this book, I will use the definition of schizophrenia given by Dr. R. D. Laing: a situation where the left side of the central nervous system does not receive messages from the right side and vice versa.

This book is based on real life experiences in the past and the present while projections of the future are ambitious but not exaggerative, punctuated with phrases from several schizoid, schizophrenic, psychotic, egoistic, idistic, holistic and hallucinatory minds. A systematic and anti-systematic progression of the present by the wise, pragmatic or ignorant mind gives us a true picture of the future with small or wide margins of error, at least in close resemblances and according to the spectrum of our individual and group expectations, however intuitive, based on facts or fallacy as they may be.

The general nature of the existential and biological life of all mankind is what we shall be considering, including the impact of slow and unmanifested cases of madness in all of us, machines and things around us in this universe and beyond; which is shown in our relations, actions, reactions, inactions, re-creations, destructions and aspirations, however, in a schizophrenic or schizoid state, we must not forget, that, so far, the existence of mankind on Earth has been a failure.

If we get to forever and construct the present in the shape it must be
- by an inited guest on Al Jazeera TV

There has been no success in our transition from feudalism to monarchy and on to capitalism, communism, militocracy and democracy. All political and social systems to date are always charcterised by autocracy, oligarchy, dictatorship, favouritism, oppression, treason and diplomatic immunity which shows loss of connection with reality between the people and authority.
More needs to be done in order to achieve a peaceful existence under a universal form of luxury in our experiments with life and the loss of lives in our societies: our global village, global society, civil society, criminal society yearning to be a legal society.

The world is one and we are one people!
Why am I this and you are something different!
If only we had a global city where the same conditions apply!Can you see our anti-schizophreny now!
We shall enjoy it! Trust progress at least, from a society to a universal cosmopolitan city!There is no way to dissociate our lives from our beliefs, although what we encounter in our daily lives is unbelievable and unpredictable to the unseeing eyes and the unfeeling body, and what we shall do when we meet what we do not know or have never heard of as an idea, figure or faith is the mystery, always schizophrenic.

She heard the voice of or he spoke to the Goddess or God they imagine.
Of course, one of the two is sick if the other is invisible.

What we know before we meet this ‘whatever’ does not matter in our relationships with it or wars against it will be. We don’t even know what the third kind is. It may eventually be classed as human or animal.

He saw a kind of God or he came to her while she was alone or vice versa
Things from heaven, purgatory or hell are hallucinationa in utopia

She told me: my mind.

The Announcement
Attention, ladies and gentlemen, guys and babes, this is your Commander, Schizophrenia Simplex speaking, the World is in a Şekunrunmeşeunşeun¹ State and we explode… Now…In history, madness has been treated in various ways from neglect, hypnotism, sorcery –if it exists and therapy contrary to the will of the patient, until the work of some psychiatrists, like R. D. Laing and Wilhelm Reich, better than Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, improved the way mad people are treated and how the society relates to them. Unfortunately, we are all afflicted.

Laing will dress up or be naked just as his patient was and cured many schizophrenics. He had moved from London to Chicago after his right to practice medicine was revoked in the UK on the publication of his book titled ‘The Divided Self’ (1964) an exposé on his form of therapy in which he claimed to “think like them” and highlighted his achievements in the cure of psychosis, schizophrenia up to the boundary between problems with normality and the point-of-no-return which is Schizophrenia Simplex.

In a landmark example at The University of Chicago, Laing was invited by the most senior psychiatrist who had earlier refused to work with him, to come and treat a girl considered to be schizophrenic, who was naked and had not uttered a word for three months. When he came to the door of the room where the girl was with the other psychiatrists he removed all his clothing. Everyone was surprised. He entered the room and sat beside the girl on the hammock where she was hanging out, and the girl started to talk, saying:

“They are not like us”

This paved the way to therapy and he eventually cured the girl.

You fall within our Specified Level of Societal Simplex

I wish to say that in future, madness will be a 'normal' thing or case in the way making love in public is viewed in human societies today, as a normal thing in the abnormal place. There will be people who shall consider madness and sex in private and in public a normal thing as I consider it here.That is why you are within our boundsOur SocietyWe are not bound by the cloudsWe can fly out of it too.A particular distance from the way life is being lived in the mainstream, say the hypocisy of one's society or another may be easily interpreted as signs of immorality in the concerned individual, and we shall consider the right aspects of habits viewed as immorality or sickness, where culture, when perceived as wrong is disrespected and rightly so.

The Noise

The Noise of Cultures
Now, what kind of culture is this?
It’s common!
It’s the norm!

The Noise of Religions

The noise from the mesjid!
The noise from the cathedral!
The noise from your beliefs!
The noise from the demontrations against the war!
The noise pollution!
Can you keep it all to yourself?
Not so, when equal rights and justice is always on the line!
Thanks to sound-proof walls and doors!
Acoustic adaptation in architecture!
Why blow your belief out of proportions, wake up and make everyone feel uncomfortable?

Common Senses
I have learned some common-sense. Common culture. This way never ends. It is so beautiful. Going on in our culutre. With and without tears in your eyes.Here, we are going to explore ways of breaking out of cultureWrong cultures, normal culture, ssuperstitions, norms and so and religions Considered as manifestations of schizophrenia.

We are schizophrenia simplex
Not quite!

Schizophrenia: The African ExperienceAfrican Affairs can be interpreted as a wild case of schizophrenia in governments, that is, in a situation where 54 countries on the same continent cannot develop in the bad-good sense of our kind of humanity while counterparts explore and create the bad-good sense in a different way and not a better one.

Bombing the Poor.
Bombing Rights to blazes.
Bombing the local language.
Bombing the Jihad.
Bombing remnants of the crusaders.

If you are a crusader what can you do about that?
If I am an idol worshipper, will I burn all the churches and the mosques and go home feeling happy.

Two sides of a world coin cannot be worse.
Why do you want to preach to me? The contrast is more important than the comparison of Schizophrenia Simplex to Societal Simplex. When a society cannot get past the hypocrisy of poverty induced by governments! Why are they different?What kinds of similarities do they have?That and the here?He is compleketedly, completekly different from the past.He is no more what you know.He is something else.She is high-spirited.She is driven.She is Compulsory.This is Weird.The truth must be told, even at a detriment to the self, the society and the World.

Another One.
From Commandress Schizophrenia Simplex
This is your Commandress, Schizophrenia Simplexist speaking in my female voice.
Sleep on me. Take me out like Franz Ferdinand, the so-called Österreich Prinz and the musical group. All together now, call and response. I will push your ass back in if you leave it at the other. When I can’t find it I masturbate. I must have it now and forever. The world is what man does not know. Let’s sing a new song for the old ceremony as Irina Ratushinskaya wrote in her poems and Leonard Cohen sang it in another way.

Quote Commandress Schizophrenia Simplex.
We Open and Close as in:

This is a new dance called Open and Close
Bend your yansh (butts) like Black Man
Chorus: Open and Close
Put your legs and arms together
Chorus: Open and Close
Throw your legs and arms away
Chorus: Open and Close
By Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & The African ‘70

Open and Close and Just like That are songs of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti who lived and died for Equal Rights and Justice, another song of Peter Tosh. So brave he lived, worked and criticized successive military junta in the heart of lawless Africa, Nigeria: enduring the beating, tear gas, politically motivated prison sentences, torture (the police and the army beat the saxophonist and pianist on his fingers).

Open and Close, in the poem of J. P. Clark, another Nigerian poet from the Niger Delta region, referring to the mood in which the woman opening and closing her legs have and recreate in the man looking at what’s in-between, the vagina, which makes the penis hard and willing to enter the pubic region in private or in public.

The Kegites Club as The Palm Wine Drinkards Club is popularly called in all Nigerian universities have this song:

Windi no blow
The thing no go open
The thing (s)he no open
The thing no go hun (hard or stand)
The thing he no hun (hard or stand)
The thing no go enter
The thing he no enter
Belle (pregnancy) no go come

If you wonder about the explicit description of some sexual organs and intercourse or if surprisingly includes pregnancy. I will try as much as possible to relate a Redd Foxx anecdote in a stand-up comedy somwhere in the US:

Some people ask me why and criticize for speaking about sex in my jokes.
I tell them: I think I’m making jokes for adults.

What do we make out of children or adolescents who have just found out the truth about birth and sex?
Encourage them as Wilhelm Reich, a psychiatrist and psycho-analyst confirmed.
The thick line between the young and the old is disappearing
Now, there are children who grow up with a wild sense of adulthood.
Children growing up with war and poverty; discrimination and television depicting the crisis, hiding the intellect which says the world is free and asking why it all became so expensive!
Where Free-On-Board (FOB) or Free-Out-Of-Board (FOOB)
Becomes debt and bankruptcy?

In İşe Omode or Child Labor in Nigeria and the so-called Commonwealth;
Borniche in France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland;
Bonne Çocuk İş in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan;

There’s a thin line between the schizoid and the schizophrenic.
There’s a thicker line between the rich and the poor.
The middle-class keeps up the disappearing and re-appearance acts.
There’s a thick line between the government and the people.
The government is rich and the people are poor.
Bokassa, Mandela,
Obama, Yar’Adua.
Papa Doc or Baby Doc.
Chavez or Sarkozy.
Toure or Calmy-Rey.
Gül or Cul.

The depth of some love and lust in my feminist schizophrenia
Grinds as I brush one wall against the other all my life.

The children in some secondary schools in Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria came up with un autre faison de parler; another way to speak, compose and sing. One example is:

Obo (Yoruba word for Vagina) is a dangerous thing
Smelling like a rotten potato
Everlasting sore
Covered with a very big bush
İşu Gongo (Big Yam)

In the same city and beyond, the vagina is referred to as my uncle told me as fish.
Soup (It’s lickable.)
Mortar (Can be pounded like Yam for the Pounded Yam dish.)

The children call penis various names: Oko (Yoruba word for Penis.
Iron Rod.

What we cannot tell you we tell ourselves.
It is proven that people are used to tell one another what they will never tell the government official.

She went through plastic surgery through the Silicon Valley (The Internet) to get to and go through the gates of the cheapest plastic surgery you can find in the world in 2009 Anno Domini (?) in Salvador de Bahia dos Santos, Brazil in order to get to the beautiful lady in her mind.
Commandress Schizophrenia Simplex

Salvador de Bahia dos Santos, Brazil, is the main city of the Yoruba, West African and other African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. It’s the home of Ifa or Candomblé, the Yoruba traditional mysticism, religion, medicine and philosophy compiled in a book or texts often referred to as 16 Cowries based on a belief in the creator Olodumare and 400 other Gods.

One of these Gods came down to Earth on a gold chain made from the jewellery of all the Gods with a rooster and sand. (Well, a way to explain that the rooster came from heaven, but where’s the hen it will fuck before the egg ...?)

Now you know of primitive thought without hell and eternal horror!
Heaven without a corresponding Hell.

There’s no hell in the Yoruba language and belief!
There’s paradise!
Of course, we’re in Paradise on this Earth!
In this beautiful world when we did not pay to get here!
Do you ever ask yourself why we pay to live here.
Yes we gotta work.

Full Employment Simplex
Where we all work as men and women did in the times of subsistence.
We’re all employed

Madness in the UN Again Like All-Time Losers
The government must go through a revolution of rights and justice; of the universal provision of food insurance, health insurance and unemployment benefita for every citizen in the so-called developing world according to The United Nations Conferences on Least Developed Countries.

Beyond Societal Simplex
Waiting for a world of sane and insane people as we always had it but living in luxury, equal rights and justice.


Roll on in Cashee, Roll on in Gbangudu, Roll on in Carousel

Roll on in Carousel now
Some thoughts are now expressed freely
Without the threat
Of treason or
Of the ultimate death penalty.

Three arrests with canabis in some US states is a felony.
Felony for smoking the greens.

Roll on in Carousel
Riding a motor-bike in Europe without an helmet

Roll on in Gbangudu
You can ride Okada, the name of the founder of Nigeria’s first commercial national and international airline which later ran into financial troubles and packed up.
You can ride another Okada, the name of the troubled airline given to commercial motorcycles.
You can ride Okada, the motor-bike, without helmet until 2008

Now we all roll on in a Carousel and Okada mix!

Welcome to Coup d’etats! Goodbye to Coup d’etats for a while.
Welcome to Chasis! Goodbye to Chasis!
Civilian Madness and Military Madness!
Chasis Madness Turns to ‘Belgium’ Madness when it passes through the reaction of mad rogues in governments with what’s known as ‘The History of Stealing By Government’

Nigerian citizens were used to buying new cars called chasis from the 19th century until 1982, when Shehu Shagari, the so-called Executive President introduced Austerity Measures. His cronies including Meredith Akinloye, chairperson of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN); Richard Akinjide, Attorney-General and Umaru Dikko, Minister of Communications loot the national treasury. Shagari’s ruled from October 1, 1978 to 31 December, 1983 when he was kicked out by Major-General Muhammadu Buhari and company. That was the end of the so-called second republic because of the break-in-transmission caused by a coup d’etat in on January 15, 1966 which put an end to the first republic which started on October 1, 1960. The day of Independence from the Brits.

There were lots coups and military-cum-civilian deaths in 13 years.

The first, 1966 coup was planned by Colonel Nzeogu, who wouldn’t salute the corrupt civilian rulers. He had been schooled in socialist military tactics while fighting and serving in Burma as a British colonial army officer. He had decided to put an end to the mess in governance; but former UN Blue Berret Commander in Congo and Nigerian General J. T. U. Aguiyi-Ironsi became Junta leader or Commander-in-Chief of The Armed Forces, claiming the well-known reasons for military coups or civilian, for example, Hitleric reasons for taking over the government by force.

Ironsi suspended the constitution, ruling by edits, decrees and force.

Second Coup d’etat: The Madness Rages On in Udoji’s Salaries in Advance from Oil Wealth
Another school of army officers led by Colonel Yakubu Gowon killed him in July 1966 in the office of Colonel Fajuyi, the military commander of the western region. Fajuyi told the coupsters something like you have to kill me before you kill the leader of the military junta.

The Udoji commission told the junta to give people salaries in advance and prices sky-rocketed. Junta’s Gowon visited India and paid the salary of the Indian civil service.

Third Coup d’etat: Getting Used To The Madness In Socialist Military Juntizm
General Murtala Mohammed kicked out Gowon in November 1975 while he was on tour in some foreign country.
3 months later...

Fourth Coup d’etat In Form of Murtala’s Assassination
Colonel Bukar Sukar Dimka, military sharp shooter met Gowon, 2nd coup leader in exile in London on his way back to Lagos from Military Games in Portugal.

That was one stop-over too many!
He shot Murtala on February 13, 1976. The Federal Military Government’s Police Commissioner, Bisala, leading the conspirators told him to go away. Dimka was drunk! He thought Bisala told him to go kill him tomorrow. Even if he told you to go away and you think he wants you to kill the ‘socialist’ junta tomorrow, what are you gonna do afterwards!

He went to the British embassy in Lagos and the Brits won’t let him in.
It’s not yet time sucker!

The 27 conspirators were shot. One of them attended the same private kindergatten and primary school I attended: Childrem’s Home School, Molete, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Fifth Coup d’etat or Palace Coup
General Olusegun Obasanjo, Murtala’s deputy, took over. He completed his or Murtala’s Nationalization of foreign businesses and started his own capitalistic plots. He handed over to the civilians in 1978 before he will be shot dead in the raging madness.

The Abortive Copus, Corpus, Corpsus and Coups In-Between the Succesful Ones
Well, my mother Aşabi told me in 1982, I was 14, when we were talking about the madness raging around us that abortive coup leaders and conspirators are killed because their coup was not a success.

Fair enough!

My grandmother, Towobola, told me in 1991 that one eventful night at the Dodan, seat of the military juntas, there were gun shots all night!
From the grapevine she heard that abortive coupsters were being shot all night.

Fair enought!
Oh really?

Not an unfortunate night by military standards.

Coup d’etat: Schizophrenia Simplex in Kangaroo Miltary Governments
Austerity measures introduced by Shagari in 1982 were like the IMF’s SAPs or something that looked like it introduced by General Babangida in 1988 (?) after he bacame Military President by Decree in 1986
: the government removes subsidies, local industry collapses and the government allow the importation of cheap goods and services. Cheap at first but inflation or hyper-inflation rocks in. Used imported goods have to fill the vacuum and the first set came from Benelux countries: Belgiım, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Chasis madness turns to ‘Belgian’ madness.

Welcome to the Hell on Earth
After a brief spell in paradise on Earth!
Nigeria has come to that!
Welcome to Ghana!
Or vice versa!
Nigeria has come to that!
Welcome to Bangladesh!
Or vice versa!

Their Schizo Sings!
Chasis madness go away!
Tricycle madness ready for you!

Now you can roll on in Tricycles from India and Bangladesh
Keke Marwa in Lagos.
Marwa’s the Minister of Transport who introduced the tricycles to Nigerian streets and peoples.
Keke Mufu in Ijebu-Ode.
Mufu’s one of the sick officials in the Ijebu-Ode Local Government.

Schizophrenia in South Africa and Switzerland
From Invasion by Dutch, English, Germans, Poruguese, Spaniards and French
To Calvinism from Geneva
The basis of Apatheid!
There’s a chapel-like meeting place in the old city of Geneva called something like the Calvin House!
I shivered when I saw it.
Not quite where a Nigerian must be.
Calvin, not the cat is still revered in Geneva!
The Geneva Convention and what happened when I was recording the arrest of 3 Nigerians by Swiss policemen in Genevea in 2001. One of the Nigerians told me that the Swiss policemen claimed they are selling drugs but they are clean.
He tried to arrest me too. Holding me but I used my left hand to bring out my Swiss press card.
I could have been made of fire ‘cos he left me immediately he saw that card.

Some brochure on Calvinism that I read in Geneva wrote:
Calvinism has nothing to do with religion
It’s a financial and public administration reform

Beyond Schizophrenia when Poverty’s Gone
Thoughts on the eradication of poverty and the will to seceed from a country created by local and foreign fascist imperialists, and it’s not treason to say that we want the police to get out of our village or our city.

Thoughts on why the Barack Huseyin Obama torturing Afghans, Iraqis, the Iranian scientist who disappeared in Saudi Arabia or others in Bagram and Guantanamo prisons should not be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Who cares about the Nobel anyway?

Thoughts on why The UN should call ‘Conventions’, the ‘International Agreement’ on this or that.

Thoughts on where the hell is the farm of The African Union, growing food for the people or distributing free food morning, day and night as is well known at The Salvation Army, Indigenous Religious Shrines and Mosques in Western Europe and North America. These free food and free clothing spots are cutting-back their supplies to people in difficulty or
Les peuples en situations de difficulté
Peuples sans domicile fixe – sdf
As they call it in France or Switzerland’s Suisse Romande where, for example the Centre pour l’action sociale et santé – popularly called the Hospice General in the Canton of Geneva provides a minimum of 1,200 Swiss Francs (CHF) or $1,000 every month to unemployed Swiss citizens, legal residents and refugees in search of a job.

Fair enough!
Invalidity Insurance which includes AIDS and drug addiction may be abused but worth it, ‘cos these people are crazy or can’t get it anymore. It’s hard to come out of years of unemployment and it affects the psyche.
Trust me!

Presidents And Military Known Or Unknown As Thiefs And Their Kind Of Schizophrenia
A large part of this money come from stolen money from government funds, debt and tax-payers accounts hidden in Switzerland by people like Sani fuck Mariam Abacha, Ferdinand fuck Imelda Marcos.

Imelda baby what to do
All the poor people saying they gonna quit paying for you
- Mark Knopfler


If I knew by then
What I know now
If I understand the what, when, why and how
AS it seems to me
That you should have
But by hind sight
It’s 20-20
20-20 Fission
- George Benson

Crazy people say there’s economic crisis when there’s a social crisis
There’s no seasonal financial and economic crisis in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Polynesia, or Australia because it’s always there as a stigma on some people traditionally discriminated against in these places and more places; because ...

They lost the war against the imperialists in the middle age and became slaves or so-called free, colonial citizens in sick empires or citizens in neo-colonial governments and military junta guided by fascism at home and abroad in a capitalistic democracy which does not work even in England.

Welcome to The Schizophrenic Free Market of The Governments Worldwide, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank (WB) Group and the Group of 20 (G20)

Foundation, Introduction and Body of Governance in International Finance/ Social Construction:
Every social service and infrastructure belong to the government.

Reality, Critique, Prose, Poetry, Philosophy, Review, Social and Scientific Inferences: Government is fumbling with your breasts,
Too much work will not kill
But poverty will kill underpaid workers
Alcohol and fat in your hearts,
The smell of your fart is historical

During the political era we learn to cover our noses
From the smell of the loud political fart
- Olayinka A. Daini, Nigerian poet
Circa 1960s

The whole system is fucking your brains and pockets!
Presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries of state and ministers are stealing tax-payers money!
The social infrastructure is not there or is long gone!
Unemployment is on the rise!
Schools are your guess is as bad as mine!
Foreign exchange rates are hitting rock-bottom!
The roads and drainage have pot holes!
Like factories fumes and pot’s holes in the ozone layer!
Bribery and Corruption is eating the law for dinner!
This is not The Last Supper!
The government rigged-in during so-called general elections and ruling without and inkling of the constitution

Roger Waters sang the monkey ran away with the constitution!

The illegal military governments rule with the gun, edicts and decree

Schizophrenia Simplex says:
Burn in hell!

The so-called elected, monarchical or coup d’etat government want to borrow to steal more!
Fuck the system!
Fuck the shit-stem!

The Schizophrenic, Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) of The IMF and The WB endorsed by The UN
The government is sick!
The government is mad!
In politics, economy and political economy!
In torturing the people through mismanagemement of the national coffers!

This is a wild sign of psychosis when it hears or reads criticism of its policies from the people or the media!
It closes down press’tige’ media it does not like!
It creates it’s own gazette full of puppet journalists and writers, just as it’s a puppet of the elite, mafia and the UN!

Puppet Governments as ‘Middle People’ Between The Mafia and The People
Henry Fielding described Mr. Allgood’s maid in ‘Tom Jones’, a 17th century novel, as giving all the respect in her blood and veins to Mr Allgood in the same way she expects people poorer than she is in the English society to respect her.

More (?) WTO Madness at The Centre William Rappard à Genève
It rages on the mafiosi WTO and the World Citizens who come to demonstrate against the WTO

The IMF and WB in their schizophreny
Of member countries with unequal voting rights and access to Standard Drawing Rights (SDRs), some kind of money only governments can use or spend!

Offshore and undisclosed bank accounts
Exist in a world polluted with billions of dollars in debts or aid to countries where corruption is proven to send such money to
Offshore and undisclosed bank accounts

The IMF and WB in this strange form of schizophrenia simplex
But The People must live in Societal Simplex

The Police’s gone
- from a Rap musician

It’s time the UN goes to hell.

Signs of Schizophrenia in The Failure of The So-Called Free Market and the Reality of the Mixed Economy: Socialistic, Capitalistic, Theological, Monarchical or Anarchistic
There’s nothing like capitalism!
The market’s being controlled!
Young Bush proved this when he fixed the price of oil!
Obama proved it too when he bailed out the big banks and other financial institutions with $17 trillion!
Michelle, warn that guy!

In Banking class at The Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri; we call our alma mater Poly-Naked. My
Comparative Banking lecturer said that when an amount of money hit the skies, people lose comprehension of its value.
What the hell is $17 trillion?
Your guess is as bad as mine!

So what!
So, is the financial system based on free-market principles on paper and in action
Or is it controlled by the government?

The government bails out bankrupt banks!
Who bails out bankrupt small and medium scale businesses?
Who bails out the guy selling cannabis and opium from a back-pack, hand bag or polythene bag, the average size available when you buy from the supermarket on the highway or the grocery around the corner.

Right There On The Block Madness


Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & The Africa ’70 on The Schizophreny of Governments and The UN

Who and who unite for United Nations?
No be there Thatcher and Argentina dey!
Israel versus Lebanon!
Irani Oh versus Iraqi!
No be there dem dey Oh United Nations!

Which kind sense be that Oh
Na Animal Sense ...
Dem call the place Oh
United Nations
One (1) veto vote is equal (=) to ninety-two (92)
Or more ...
- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and The Africa ‘70
(from the album ‘Beasts of No Nations’ (B. O. N. N.)

Where does that come from?

B. O. N. N. rhymes with the capital of Western Germany at the time the album was released in the 1970s!

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Nigerian from a family of returnee-slaves called Ransome (I will like to note my regret for this description of Fela or others as ‘returnee slaves’ whether they are Africans or other people in the diaspora worldwide, which is not a form of discrimination but a clarity of the history of the World and individuals in my freedom of expression at a time when reparations in cash and kind have not been paid by invading and colonial powers) who settled in Abeokuta, Nigeria probably in the 19th century, also released an album titled ‘Vagabonds in Power (V. I. P.) in 1976, which he recorded live-on-stage in Berlin.

His father, an Anglican reverend wanted him to become a medical doctor like his brothers and sister but he had a strong feeling for music, playing the trumpet while living in Abeokuta where he was born before he studied music and obtained his Masters in Music at Trinity College, Oxford University, UK.

The Afro-Beats music he invented afterwards: shows a strong influence of The California, United States and later Algeria-based ‘Black Panthers’, it is a fusion of traditional Yoruba, African and Jazz music with cool rythms with strong sexual expressions and critique of governments worldwide.

He called heads of governments the ‘beasts’ in ‘Beasts of No Nations’ (B. O. N. N.) including the UN, its agencies, member countries, presidents and government officials meeting there for ages without any solution to world problems, in the fray.

He was the only musician in the world who criticized Roland Reagan and Margaret Thatcher by mentioning their full-names in his songs although (Rick James referred to Roland Reagan as ‘Ronnie’ when he sang:

Ronnie ran for president
‘cos he wants to control where the money is
Where do all those green-back dollars go?
I don’t know)

Fela, popularly called Baba ’70 or Black President when he declared his home in Jibowu,
Lagos Sate, Nigeria as ‘The Kalakuta Empire’ and there were hundreds of people, students, activists, anarchists, writers, philosophers, musicians and artistes visiting and living with him before the Retired General Olusegun Obasanjo-led military junta sent hundreds of soldiers to destroy the house.

The soldiers who he had earlier referred to as ‘Zombies’ in a work he called ‘Zombie’ threw his 70 year-old mum out of the window (a friend of Chairman Mao, who fought for Universal Adult Sufferage or The Right Of Women To Vote In Nigera; she was the first woman to vote and also drive a car in Nigeria).
killing people while a student lost an eye in the presence of Stevie Wonder!

Fela used a lot of acronyms from government parastatals and the media as titles of his songs, for example, BBC was acronym of his album called Big, Blind Country (B. B. C) and he had interviews and documentaries (one was titled ‘Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonesense’) on BBC. M. O. P. – Movement of the People was the name of a political party he founded in Nigeria, which he scrapped because Tunji Braithwaite, his lawyer, (also from a family of returnee-slaves) also created a political outfit called the Nigerian Advance Party (N. A. P.).

In 1977, he led a demonstration the Y. A P. (Young African Pioneers) which took a coffin to Dodan Barracks, the seat of the Nigerian military junta which he depicted in an album called Coffin For The President.

XXX is the sign for the Amsterdam Local Council and city and XXX is triple X Fela at The Oosterpark in Amsterdam 1987 singing ‘Everything Scater’ beamed live to Nigeria and some countries via satellite:

Give me the Fela people
Make I lock am charge am for court
Before I hand am to mosquito
That is why everything dey scatter, scatter
That is why everything dey scatter, scatter
That is why everything dey scatter, scatter
That is why everything dey scatter, scatter

No wonder money no dey flow
No wonder rere dey run (everything scatter)
No wonder the people no dey chop
No wonder rere dey run (everything scatter)

Back to Sender Madness:
The thief

International Thief Thief
International Rogue
International Thief Thief
- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti & The African ‘70

The thief: corrupt government official in his crazyness will send back money received as debt for country’s sake and entered into the country’s account to his own private account in Switzerland or Sealand.

Back to Sender Madness:
The Christian Fanatic and this could go for a Muslim Fanatic too
When he prays that the spells from witches causing his problem like unemployment and poverty should
Go back to sender
But the Swiss give their citizens umemployment benefits
Home to receiver
In the pocket of the beneficiary.
Nothing goes back to sender!

Back to sender Imams and cohorts come to pray for the new baby and say prayers for hours collecting money for each line.

Owo ni iya adura
In Yoruba, literally translates as
Money is the mother of prayers.

Schizophrenia in Michael Jackson and the truth in the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”
This may be an example of conspiracy theories but I don’t believe that Michael Jackson was drug-free as Jermaine said.

One doctor who examined Michael’s corpse said he abused prescribed medication. Voila!

Jesus Christ’s Undiagnosed Scizophrenia and other religious idols, religious star sor saints

Just like the Mormons
Just like the Muslims
Just like the Ifa
Just like the Jews
Just like the Celtics
Just like Zarathustra

Justy, justie, juste, just like the past, old, new or some fanaticism coming up!
Religion is fanaticisme extraordinaire!
Just like in solitude extraordinaire

A plain wall could appear to you like a monster as my friend from Guinée-Conakry said when we were talking ‘bout my experiences in solitude before he came to my place for a few weeks I translate

La mur peux te apparu et deranger comme une monstre
- Keita Boubacar Yangomodou

Being schooled in religion from infancy to adolescence
In unproven and certainly untrue stories of creation
When we are the product of a reaction of certainly lifeless material, toxic matter and water
Which created the protoplasm, the source of our life
The cell of all living things look alike because they come from the protoplasm
And the protoplasm cannot be recreated

Jesus, just like most people today dabbled in what was a farce
The torah, Moses, David, Son of God, Miracles, Jews, Samaritans, Gentiles …
Were the Egyptians who protected him and his mum and dad also gentiles?
Go to heaven if you will but don’t mess with an occupying power
Which, in this case is The Roman Empire
Created by people of present-day Libyan origin
And willing to control the World they know.
Pilate won’t give in to an activist for unpopular religious rights!
Crucify him!
What a pity!

An assassination for believing you’re the son of God!
And people celebrate this day?
An assassination for not joining Nazi collaborator’s just the same thing!
An assassination for not joining Obasanjo and Little Yar’Adua in the Nigeria’s People Democratic Party (PDP)

XXXIII is the age some changes take place in the brain
It’s unproven and they are certainly not of the same knind
If yours happened in Amsterdam!
Would you know what I mean?

You know what I mean!
Do you?
Oh really!

How could we be crazy in a paradise we got free of all charges!
Get well soon!

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