Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Democratic Machine

By Olarotimi Onayemi

Karel Capek, a Czech playwright explored 'the mass production of automata' in R. U. R. a drama published and performed in 1920 before the first set of modern computers were built and a detailed format owe its existence, not invention, to this play. Capek is considered the inventor of the robot.

The human version of democracy has disappointed us
I plan to make The Democratic Machine.
A democracy and rights dispending machine.
It will enforce the development of politico-socio-economic infrastructures and
ensure they function at optimal levels.

When we have the next general elections there must be a free-for-all system that will eliminate the supernatural powers of vetos, presidents, senators, bureaucratical labyrinths, rigging and forgery.

Every citizen of the world will have access to The Democratic Machine. The programme referred to as The Democratic Machine is as close to artificial intelligence as we can get today. It will be on a lap-top computer, given to all citizens who can use it, while those who cannot will be aided by volunteers. There will be work for everyone.

One, it will make us achieve a fully-technologized world; two, full-employment; and three, every human will carry a micro-chip and GPRS sysyem in their body, so we can all know where we are. This will also reduce crime or completely eliminate it as a machine is at the helm of affairs.

The Democratic Machine is intended to carry out the intentions of the constitution to the last letter. Separation of powers will be exact.

Humans are known to make mistakes or interprete the articles in the constitution detailing democratic principles in their own way and according to their own intentions. Successive governments claim to be working for the benefit of the people and progress of the country but their policies have shown no relation with such laudable objectives. In fact, review of such policies after such governments are gone have proved the contrary, since they are protected by the ‘diplomatic immunity’ while ruling.

It will be working non-stop while parliaments and governments always go on holidays.

The Scientists…
Scientists of the world have decided to work together with me to create The
Democratic Machine for the purposes of dispensing democracy everywhere on Planet Earth, and wherever its occupants have connections.

For the benefit of doubt, all components and programmes of The Democratic Machine will be scientifically proven.

Like six of its most interesting predecessors- the constitution, Robot, Babelfish, Space Stations, Satellites and the Internet, it is normal for detractors and ignorami who have come of age in anti-human beliefs to roll out into the streets and criticize The Democratic Machine.

The old generation are still here in old robes but we need new blood to run the free world. We have a philosophy to accomodate criticisms of The Democratic Machine and to always update it’s function and reach.

Public Democratic Machines
Doing the peoples', workers, bureaucratic, and public works from issuing the most frequently requested papers to passport renewals.

Our Democratic Machine as The Public Democratic Machine will be called. It will be made of the highest quality iron, steel, fibre, calibre and timber. It’s

Designed in the shape of the Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), it will be made available on every street, squares, alleys, lanes, forests, mountain tops and farthest reaches of the world.

These will be fitted with computer programmes, downloadables from the Internet, cameras, mobile phones, satellite phones, e-mail, websites, printers and artificial intellgence.

It must be hanged out at a height that gives access to kids, adults and senior citizens.

In future, when there are doubts about the identity of a citizen; if we can’t trust the courts to determine where she was when the riots erupted or where he was when the crime was committed, we make the concerned citizen appear in front of The Democratic Machine to clarify all issues.

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