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The Tie and Blu' Jeans Revolution

The Tie And Blue Jeans Revolution

By 'Timi Onayemi

Our societies need a revolution.
We support our societies and our peoples
With some spontaneous reaction of the same
Equal Rights and Justice.

There is or there is no design on the body of the people!
But you cannot dress up the soul!
It does not exist!
What we have and will always have is the body!
We must do everything to make it live with dignity!

Their philosophy is not yet solid
That is why it destroys. -‘Timi Onayemi, 2000

At dawn, everybody in the world were naked like teeth, and the siren of the norm which survived in the majority of the peoples in all parts of the world was blowing civilization like wild winds wailing behind a ship that is about to lose its bearing, until it gained more steam and it did its worst…

This made more people from both sides to curse God and Goddess, ancient and modern myths. Now we know that we all come from the protoplasm, the result of a reaction between lifeless material and toxic waters, muddy waters: a revolution.

There were people on the side of nature and the natural sequence of things and on the premises of genetic engineering of the same, just like that: the creation of money and jobs out of thin air by central banks for all the people.

People want a change, actually, another one, after democracy, the federation, the confederation, the unions, the republic and their failures.

On the one side: War, crisis, invasion, deaths, life in relative abundance in the rythm of water everywhere and none to drink, famine, unemployment, market crash and no bail out. Anger!

On the other side: War management and finance, propaganda, life in real abundance in the melody of savings that will last for a hundred lifetimes, overweight, emoloyed, market crash and bail out. Pleasure!

One is up against the other,
Where push is coming to shove…

There are so many trains in this tunnel.
The traffic problem is endless.
We can find another way to get there.
Authority in the blue-chip. Now we know where everyone is at all times.

The world is free, of course, it costs nothing to be here and people die of hunger and cold? We will work for food but heaters should be free in temperate regions.

If we have had any form of success until today, the United Nations (UN) must have all authority and responsibility to bring the whole world up to the standard of living befitting humans.

The land is free and people fight over it? The UN must divide the land into two or more (unlike the system whereby some countries have more than one vote in the UN), warn the ‘warriors’ against ‘war mongering’ and keep watch forever; or tell them to live together in peace and take the arms and ammunitions away.

The UN security council consist of 5 countries who claim to have nuclear weapons? You can be in this council: only when you don’t have them; only when I laugh at the reasons why other countries cannot have them. We put all weapons where George Bernard Shaw, Steve Biko, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein say they belong: the trash can. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the necessary agent, should produce fuel for civil purposes.

All our societies have been infiltrated by organic ‘povertical’ mechanisms, only work or the government which has authority and must be responsible for the welfare of its citizens can insure people against its effects.

Poverty kills but work does not.
So, onwards to full-employment revolution.
But, oh no…

The people-traffic problem is endless in Pas de Calais, Tijuana, Tamanrasset, Istanbul and Darwin.
There are citizens of the world with political identities without financial insurance in South Africa.
There is racism and torture in Lagos, Los Angeles, Lahore and Geneva.
Who cares about The Geneva Convention?

An endless series of grafitti can make it all look very sober like Miro, freaky like Salvador Dali or jazz it up like Satchmo, Sven Vath, Laurent Garnier and Oluwe for the high effects of the ties and blue jeans revolution in ‘Big, Blind Countries’ – ‘BBC’ just like Fela Anikulapo-Kuti sang.

In old times long ago, it is fashionable to watch the effects of cycles experimenting with the limits of our extensions and resistance. Some people drive the instincts of the new-born through the bliss of that smile which evolves into the mud of a vulgar snarl as reality sets in.

It sticks and we have children walking around with experiences of old-age without a shock and a reaction.

Unfortunately, when individuals or groups have ideas, they can’t be destroyed. This one leads to paradise on earth and has no plans to destroy its children.

The pro-creation of the way of the world knocks out of the prison rolling like rum-barrels on the way to our party. Our meeting talks in dialectical drives between a little bit of passion in reality and pure frenzy in the thespian art.

The true-path of high fashion in our lifestyles hopes to bring ‘knowledge is power, when feeding is not a problem anymore and poverty is gone’, as close to the ground as it can get and deeper to the grassroots. Where philosophy, the United Nations and international relations have made no beneficial impact at all and terrorism is the focus of the new propaganda where…

…wealth multiply
and people decay. – Oliver Goldsmith.

There are so many people treating the ground as their bed and their lover. They have learned to keep their heads out of the sky in private, but feign adaptation to this society in public, sometimes through shoes, flying at symbols of oppression.

It all came into conjunction with the spirit of the revolution.
The spirit off the revolution is crying for nothing.

We erased eternity because people can understand pressure, oppression and life, only as a function of time, space, work and resources or re-allocation of resources.

As the theory proceeded to the practical stage. We re-oriented sports to our taste and state. Our situation. Our ordeals. We summarized our proceedings on the Internet and in your favourite garden. Our movement is very strong. You have to see it in action. No miracles.

Sensible people who would not have anything to do with or plan for the future on the bases and basis of racist mythology felt that the colourful revolution must be over in a minute.

When the same conditions now apply worldwide!
Which? The UN 1964 resolution: that people have the right to live and work wherever they chose; of free entry and exit into any city or countryside, worldwide. Well, reality’s bizzare.

Her advice: do not continue to meet about a primary issue from 64 years to centuries. It becomes boring and you will make us jack it out. We did. We removed the shock absorbers, people who vote for fascists or are nationalist sympathizers. They discriminate, bomb and kill by throwing people out of windows, trains and airplanes, shoot them up or cut their throats, tongues and baby’s pleets. If this is peace, then we should try anarchism: free movement of people, animals, goods and services.

There are more peace processes than the Israeli-Palestine version and as senseless as it is. Amazingly, the people have no say in the bloody process.

The descending, ascending or juxtaposable order of torture, tyranny, massacre or genocide, war, occupation is Hitler’s Nazi Germany replaced by the European Union (EU) – Jew – African - Yoruba – Arab – Peulh - Caucasian – Asian – Apache – Aborigines – Zulu - Miacchu Piacchu – Latino - Lingala – Igbo - Mina – Tiv – Ogoni – Xhosa – Swazi – Maori – Tuareg - etc.

Somewhere else in the world, far from Israel where the Israelis want to lord it over Arabs and Falashas - describing governments and sometimes the people, the crisis looks like this:
Arabs want to lord it over Africans;
Africans want to lord it over Mexicans in America and in another Intra-African crisis;
Americans over the Apaches, Canadians, Latinos, Turks, Iraqis, Afghans; Canadians over Arcadians;
Turks, Arabs and Israelis over the Kurds, Armenian, Arameans, Iranians; Chinese over the Tibetans;
Australians over Papuans; Hispano-Italiano in Venezuela and Bolivia over the people; Dutch over the Indonesians and Indonesians over Bahasa; Russians over a wide range of peoples;
Europeans over the Saami, Magyar, Rroma (used to be called ‘Gypsies’); Serbian over Bosnian; Hutu over Tutsi;
G20 countries over anyone they can find; G77 countries and they can’t organize what they can find; The African Union (AU) and they can’t provide food, water, jobs, schools, hospitals and electricity to their citizens.

The result is always a bloody conflict, because of some flimsy turn-out of events in history

Whatever we feel about America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Polynesia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Panama today the indigenous people have decided in UN resolutions that everybody got to go back to where they came from. Other UN resolutions want everyone to stay where they are and have freedom of movement and right to return which is non-existent because of the poverty level, this is where the mafia into people trafficking get their bite.

Talk of Mauritania – Africans versus Arab invaders.
Think about Mauritius, Reunion and Comoros – when France and UK sell Islands to Multinationals who kick out the people. You want a war or what?
Cry for beloved Lumumba’s Congo-Kinshasa or Congo-Brazaville – when Belgium and France use citizens to disrupt governments and elements who are used to the profit call themselves ‘rebels’.
Uighur, Tibetan or Chinese in China according to the Communist dynasty. In Maghrebi where Arabs want to take care of the Kabylie.

There’s one form of oppression or another in: Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Nepal, Tibet, Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Gibraltar, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Cote d’Ivoire, Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Suriname, Martinique, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Falklands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Switzerland and everywhere we find people.

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