Monday, May 24, 2010

The best story starts from the beginning

Straight to the point
We2ll be following In and Out of Love
To keep it from been boring at first
And to make it last we get married
And Then we divorce because we are separates
Blloddy deserters
And remarry?
Go to the toilet and shit in fact?
The Beautiful Mind?
Are you a Masochist?
Or A Sadist?
Without mincing words with wanderers
Without mixing music with munches
With the crux of the matter
In the circle of idiots
Or beating around the bush and the bammer
In the circle of the inelligentsia
Who cannot devise a way to get rid of the plunderer and the philandeerer
The paedophile and the embezzler of public funds
In what should be paradise
We as for unemployment benefits worldwide
As the first and last sentence in all constitutions
You can keep all articles
And ammendments
Diplomatic and Sensiive Immunities
The clitoris and the premises
Of peace, wqual rights and justice
Belong to us
The underdogs?
Come again?
I jeep
I cruise
I go high
And Come Down Low
Let me tell you what I know
Tell you?
Why are you reading his?
In case you missed it
This is setting the records straight:
Full Employment and Unemployment Benfits
Are the arbiter of
Peace, Equal Rights and Justice
Fuck Communists
I'm taking about
Paradise on Earth!
What you say?
Go 'head
All you want
For the truth
He got an award
Or a bullet in the back of his head
Fair enough
At least he did not live on his knees
The Paradise King?
The Muse?
The Agnostic?
Talk about The Observer
And the poem has not even started yet!

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