Monday, May 24, 2010

The Yurkish Sexual Revolution

Y = T
G must be up there
Can't you read
And cobereved
Without b in 3rd
And v in 7th place

But turning your Brugges
Over your head
I declare myself as your only Genius
Of course
As at The Bastille
And against Anarchism
In one-sided praise of the underground
Wheen you are dysfunctional
And archaic
Like MHP
And who said AKP and Iran
Can fix the Caspian Sea and The Black Sea Casper
When people feel money does all
They don't even know
What The United Nations did not say
Because it has said everything on your mind

Sometimes I know you are sleeping
Because I'm your Genius
I'm the only Genius that will ever live
Is this a joke?
You want a contest?

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