Monday, May 24, 2010

I deserve this

By Olarotimi Onayemi

An Adobe infested paradise.
Mum and Dad.
Angels in the skies of poverty
Bloody skies
A sofa in the skies for your bestmen
A room outside the wold for you and your Sugar Daddy
A trip out of space for you and your Sugar Mummy
The decency of keeping Mum and Dad; siblings and offsprings out of my sexual fantasies
Why every other human living and dead is welcome to Private Utopia
Chasing Dystopia can be a wild goose chase
‘Even Heaven is a place on Earth’
A mushroom garden
Mobile mushrooms
Double Dutch policemen and nasty questions on if I see sumphin’ breaking trhu d ice
Crystal glass
And why you should take a deep breath
When mid-life crisis set in
It could last for a longer time than neessary
All beautiful women.
All handsome men.
White hate.
Black hate.
All hate on
The spectrum
Because I’m not going to tell you what you like
If you do
Now come on
Italian yellow.
Red Hate
Yellow Hate
Brown Hate
Pink Hate
Are you out of your mind?
I don’t know what this trip is but it’s great
Iroko trees you can’t do better
Fixed I surf Ram a dam dam a dam
No Lucifer nor Hell
No Luciferella nor Heller
No God nor Heaven
No Goddess nor Heavener
This sounds better than you thought
Come here
Vomit the stuff you ate in darkness
Do you see the light of ignorance
The bright stress of what makes you wild is in awareness
When you know the drill of genoide
From Encycloaedia Diderot
And Geneva is Against The Geneva Convention
‘Only Fools and Horses’
‘Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em’
‘Mixed Blessings’
‘Sanford and Son’
A Night at The Shrine’
What are you about Lady Gaga?
A Performance for The Queen?
How ‘bout The Pope?
I do worse top a my bills!
Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal
Freedom Fightters etc
Chikaloon, Gary and Ron ride on
On the validity of UN resolutions against The Canadian Constitution
Even if it doesn’t work in IRA, Iran, Israel and on His Reels.
Maya Angelou and why crap sell
Ask me
I do worse to pay my bills Gademmit!
I’ll say cut the crap Obama
Listen Shaq’s jokes about your Mama
When a product of Slavery and Affirmative Action,
Civil Rights and Unknown Soldiers
Have a deal with ghosts and real people cry foul
Then I’m not that stupid to believe
In ‘The Audacity of Hope’
When you can’t walk downtown Kabul or Atlanta
Talk ‘bout peace, the prize and
High Africans listening to Rick James
‘Ronnie ran for President
‘Cs he wanna control where the Money is
Where do all those gren and those back
And those green back dollars go’
‘We want the Funk’ and George Clinton
Everyone deserve this
Like no more crap after death
I had enough
Even though I can’t get enough
Whle I had a body and no soul
And no soul will live forever
‘Cos memories without a brain
Is the closest Rats, Bats and Fats souls
Will ever get to Immortality
You don’t have it
Attain it
May be
By hanging around in your skin for all time to ensure your forever
Now that’s a forever I wanna share
I don’t always join ‘em when I can’t beat ‘em
Not when Baudelairique ‘The Flower of Bad Things’
Means more to met than ‘The Holy Bible’
Compiled by King James’ chosen 600. OK.
Wiliam Tyndale and Joan d’Arc
Cannot fix The Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda
Or Ugandan Tales
Of have the wife by right in culture when her husband’s gone
That kind of happens everywhere
‘Indecent Proposals’
What are you thriving on Upanishads?
There’s a limit to sale even if u don’t care ‘bout love anymore!
What are you about 16 cowries and 400 Odu?
What are you thriving on divisions?
I know People United…
Will always find a way to fix stupidity!
Hang On!
I know one of your first visions will be so bad
You need 1dollar sunglasses
Or recommended ones!
Equal Prize, Equal Rights and Equal Justice!
Whatever theory means to you!

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