Monday, May 24, 2010



Stick your Bammer up your ases!
You know the drill
See whether it fits.
I listened to him and I can’t help thinking and knowing he’s nuts
On and on! Shup pa rap baby when you gonna stop!
Jay said it’s hard to imagine Obama on the side of the masses
When he wants the Banks who stole The People’s deposits
To show a sense of…
I know Legal Fraud and Corruption
When I see two
The Bammer and Mammer Rod
Of political corruption
Is the wrath of ignorance and heartlessness
At its heights.

The invasion has taught you new tricks by force
Now you have Universal Adult Sufferage
Otherwise known in Grapevine Jargon
As Civil and Equal Rights
The Invaders are gone
With the King and His Concubines
With the Queen and her Bammers
That’s what you are now My Dear
He rules and you scoop up shit
Be real and say you can’t get away from your nightmare
I know a Theist when I see one
And been a devout Atheist
For want of a better word
To describe what I am
When I’m not for or against
The Invisible, Non-Existent ‘n’ Unknown
In my Quality

You on the other hand
Have succeeded in inventing
A society as bad as possible
Against freedom of thought and expression
Against the rights and duties of a World Ctitizen
As vague as it seems
I believe in it
Breaking out of cultures like electrons
Hanging on like Prozac on protons
Immortal like neutrons

In the bankruptcy of your neurons
And your empty devotion to lost glory
You crave the fear
Of ‘The Bravery of Being Out of Range’ – Pink Floyd.

According to ‘Star Wars’ we win
In scientific reality
We created it remember?
Superpeople beyond the principles
And limitations
Of Humans and Angels In The Skies
That The fear of God
Is a form of torture
And I don’t think that my corpse
Want that kind of Bammer
At birth, education, intelligence, analysis and immortality

We’re just a bunch of cells from nothing
Lifelisized through
Their reaction with toxic waters
And to nothing you shall return
Fucking off
Oh! Lodi! Lodi!! Lodi!!!
My free gift to you is
Your immortal website
To the immortality of your callousness
In the immortality of goodwill
That you will never attain fast as possible.eternal.myass
One hell of a Bammer hmm!
You certainly hate Africans, Celts, Saami, Chinese, Arabs, Amharic, Zulus or the poor
Why do I rhyme this scenaio of eternal allegation with Moor
Because they did one thing the Israelis are doing now
And the Arabs do it too in Western Sahara or in Kabylielands
Or the Rhodes tenets Rhodesially
In Mugabe and Tsvangirai of Zimba…

Even Reagan supported affirmative action
What you got against its revival
Just stick your Coke up your Nose
Just ram your Rammer down your Dammer
Just stick your Bammer up your Assmer
Cone head of a Bammer
One hell of a Bammer from Oklahommmer!
Oppenheimer is in your Doppler effect?
Whatever that is!

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