Monday, May 24, 2010

Follow me or I follow you my people

Follow me or I follow you my people
I know we are going to paradise
We can’t miss the proof of this place
The final disgrace to the royal rumble
The embarassment of intelligence
I know we are suffering like losers in a fit as Hikmet laughs and Fela grins
I found The Bliss Specimen in places like Geneva
Where there’s work or unemployment benefit
Enshrined as a pillar of The Real Republic and Nirvana
In our guesstimate-rights in The Constitutional Account
Where the people have a credit with The Central Banker
As opposed to the folly of ignorance in spite of the dearth of vendetta for a rape
Everywhere the foreign Exchange rate is falling down
It goes on holiday in Goa, Maçka and Abuja
It never goes to New York, London and Canberra
I don’t like slave colonies and monarchies too
Turn freedom on My Earth like Amadamashoo!
Only Republics and Benefitism will do!

In the depths of her insatiable feelings from head to toe
She told me: My heart, My hunger and My G-Spot!
In Electro-Dance, Fire Dance and Equal Dance. Hot!
Her frontside’s Nkiru and her backside’s Owambe O!
Follow her now or I will make you follow her. Hypocrite!

This is Paradise on Earth and you’re My Creation
We did not pay to come here or wait for The Marshall Plan
If the new trade agreement does not give the people
One paradise of a job, unemployment and retirement benefits
Paying on time because our final resolve
Is to volunteer in the World Trade Organization
And leave our footprints in the sands of time, I declare that
This world is now paradise as long as we can change the constitution
So I and I are here to prove it in the United Nations
As the institution of the constitution in the unity of diversity
I laugh like a black sheep at the pistol and the ammunition
Okigbo and Nietzsche laugh at our misery, loss and fake calm

Whether this rhymes or not is not a joke to Rick James or Wordsworth
It’s not the dictates of a poem but the message of the pro-revolution
Tell The Atmospheric Mafia that I have A Black Rose for my cremation
She’s in The Anarchist Machine. Wailing to Mist. Waiting to Mix.
Born today like Paradise On Earth.

3:31am, 3 May 2010
Kalkınma Mahallesi,
Trabzon, Turkey

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